Hirschfeld: Vocalise for vocal sextet

MDR Radio Choir

C. René Hirschfeld was born in 1965 in Wernigerode and took his first violin lessons at the age of 5.

1982-87 he studied at the music academy ”Carl-Maria von Weber” Dresden,  main topics: composition (with U. Zimmermann and W. Krätzschmar) and violin (with Chr. Redder), subsidiaries: conducting and piano. 1987-89 he continued his studies as a „Master‘s Pupil“.

Simultaneously he studied dance and dance theory in the course of which he got initial artistic stimulations by Gret Palucca, Kazuo Ohno, Patricio Bunster and Thomas Hartmann.

Hirschfeld has won several national and international awards and scholarships such as Weber-Prize 1984,

Eisler-Prize 1986, Mendelssohn-Scholarship 1988/89, Göttingen award for guitar composition 2000.

He was tutor at the music academies Dresden and Berlin (1987-94), the ACMP Foundation New York

and gives Workshops  for the interpretation of contemporary music.

1985-95 Hirschfeld worked as a dancer too, performing on local theatres, music- and theatre festivals.

In the 90th he also worked as a concert pianist and accompanist.

Since 1991 he lived and worked as a freelance composer and musician in Berlin, 1994/95 in Sweden.

2018 he moved back into his hometown Wernigerode.

2019 C. R. Hirschfeld was appointed the leader of the Ensemble Junge Musik of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Hirschfeld has written opera, ballet, symphonic works, chamber music, songs, solos and music for choir.

His international carreer  startet 1991 with the world premiere of his chamber opera „Bianca“ at the Salzburg Festival. Since then his music has performed in Europe, Asia and the USA  and broadcasted on many national and international  radio stations.

Hirschfelds key areas as a violinist are baroque music, music of the 20th/21st century and Tango.