Orchestral Works

        Rêves  for soprano, alto and chamber orchestra
        after poetry by G. Trakl and Cl. Brentano (1987)    DZzM
        Sonett VI for soprano, tenor and chamber orchestra

        after A. Rimbaud(1988)    DZzM
        Sonett VIII - piano concerto (1988)
        Variations  for orchestra(1990)     DZzM
        Symphony I ,Phoenix‘  (1992)             

        Wandlungen V - concerto for violin, cello and orchester (2002)
        Mitteldeutsche Tänze - suite for chamber orchestra    (2003)    FHM
        Symphony II (2004)
        Ouvertüren – Suite for orchestra (2004)
        Concerto for violin and chamber orchestra (2007)
        Aiolisches Konzert for harp and orchester (2009)    FHM
        Waldgesang - concerto for oboe, strings and percussion (2012)

        Passacaglia for string orchestra (2013)

        Concerto Grosso for violin solo and Big Band (2015)

        Largo for strings and harp (2001/2020)

        Nocturne for strings (2006/2020)

        Canto Largo for violin, viola (or saxophone) and orchestra (2020)

        Symphony III (2020)

        Soundtrack to an imaginary movie for youth orchestra (2020)

        Little Suite for youth string orchestra (2020)

        Symphony III (2020)

        Nachgesänge for orchestra (2021)

        In media vita for orchestra (2021)



        Sonett I (1985)    VNM                   

        Sonett VIII (1989)    VNM                         
        Sonata 1 (1991)
        Makyo - variations  (1994)

        5 Lyric Pieces  (1997)    FHM
        Sonata about b-a-c-h  (1998)    FHM
        Lebensfries - music in 5 parts after poetry by Edvard Munch (1999)
        3 Lyric Dances (2001)

        4 Anachronistische Stücke „quasi una sonata“ (2013)

        Fundstücke (2014)   

        Elementare Stücke for piano beginners (2014)

        Toccata (2017)

        Musik for piano solo (2019)

        Nachklänge (Four easy pieces) (2020)


        Herbststück  (1997)    FHM
        Partita  (2000)

        Little Nightmare of a desperate guitarist (2002) VNM

        Three easy pieces (2020)


        Feenmond - fairytale suite (1997)

       Behind the mirror (easy pieces, 2020)

        Splitter (splinter) (2021)


        Weltlich Ehr‘ und zeitlich Gut  (2015)

        Contamplatio (2020)


        solitude pour violon solo (1984)    VNM

        Quintessenzen - 8 lyric scetches (1997)                        

        5 Herbstgedichte (2005)

       Sonata Nr. 1  (2007)
        Sonata Nr. 2 (2009)

        Noeck‘s Variations (2010)

        TanzVariationen (2011)   FHM


        3 lyric sketches for viola solo (2012)

        Zikaden for viola and tape (2015)

        Music for viola solo (2016)

       ...wie des Grases Blumen... - elegy for viola solo (2017)


        Haiku I  (1995)

        Haiku II  for singing cello player (1997)

       Variationen des Noeck - for 5-stringed cello (2009)  433

                Double Bass

        Variations (2009)   FHM


        Haiku IV (1998)


        Haiku III  (1998)    befoco


        Solo  for bass-clarinet  (1991)    VNM
        Sonett IX (1993)    VNM


        M for bassoon solo (2016)


        Tanz des Phoenix I (1996)     VNM


        Tanz des Phoenix II (1996)     VNM


        Chant of the Night  for  soprano after  Walt Whitman  (1991)

        5 Lieder für einsame Frauenstimme after Edith Södergran (2000)


        Ich weiß die Quelle - for mezzosoprano, piano, cello, vibraphon
        after Pablo Neruda, Georg Trakl, André Gide (1982)  433

        5 Lieder in einer Sommernacht  for soprano and piano (1989)

        after  Annemarie Bostroem

        Kranichpaar im Dunkel - 5 songs for soprano and piano
        after ancient chinese poetry (1992)    VNM

        3 Lieder  for bass or alto and piano, after Georg Trakl (1995)

        10 heimliche Liebeslieder  for tenor or soprano and piano
        after Heinrich Heine    (1996)    (VNM)

        Deutsche Lieder   Vol. I, II, III(1998)    FH

        Helles Lied   for voice and piano after Friedrich Hölderlin (1999)
        In das Blaue – 3 songs for voice and piano after C. F. Leitner (2005)

        The Crane Book - jazz songs after lines from Stephen Crane (2012)

        The Joyce Book - songs after poetry from James Joyce (1991/2015)

        Si mes vers avaient des ailles für for soprano, flute, guitar

        after Victor Hugo (2017)

        Music for choir

        MorgenSternBilder - for women‘s choir (1987)
        after Christian Morgenstern    VNM
        Deutsche Lieder   Vol. IV (1998)    FHM
        ...in die Nacht gesungen...   for mixed choir    (2001)    FHM
        Über die Berge – for children‘s choir and brass quintet

        after B. Brecht (2007)

        Sturm/Gebet for mixed choir after Korvin Reich (2013) (VNM)

        (Ver)suche Frieden for mixed choir and piano after Wolfgang

         Borchert  and Martin Luther (2017) (VNM)

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       Chamber Music (instrumental)


        10 Tangos for violin and piano  (2005)    FHM       

        Café Fatal – little suite for violin and piano (2004)

        Sonata concertante for violin and piano (2006)           

        FantasieSpiele - for violin and piano (2011)   FHM

        3 Tangos for violin and piano (2012)

        Versuch, eine Fata Morgana zu vermessen     VNM

        for saxophone and piano (2004)
        Tagtraum for oboe and piano (1991)

       3 Impressionen for oboe and piano (2013)    FHM

        Sketches from an unknown fairy tale for two trombones (2016)

        Apropos Präludium for harp and piano

        versions for harpsichord and harp and for  2 pianos  (2002)

        Aus der Zeit for organ and harp (2014)

        Nachtstück  for oboe and harp (2000)    befoco
        Aus versunkenen Schätzen - suite for oboe instruments and harp
        after paintings of  Günther Jahn (2003)  433
        Canto Largo for violoncello and harp

        versions f. vla. and Hp.; cr. ingl. and. Hfe. ( 2001)

        Music for alto flute and Harp (2015)    VNM

        Midsummernightvariations – suite for harp and percussion (1996)
        after William Shakespeare

        Nachtstück  for saxophone and marimba (1997)
        Nachtstück  for bass-clarinet and harp (1997)

        Music for accordion and clarinet (2021)


        Nachtstück  for 2 guitars (1996)    FHM

        Sonata per violino e chitarra (2006) 

        Pabhāta for violin and guitar (2017)     

        Crane Hearts for 2 violins (2012)

        instead of a blues for 2 violins (2017)

        Haiku V  for Cello and Double Bass (1999)

        Version for e-guitar and e-bass (2009)

        version for two saxophones (2012)

        Psalm for tenor-saxophone and Organ (2003)    FHM

        Psalm for alto-saxophone and Organ (2008)

        4 Höhlenzeichnungen for ancient flutes and percussion (2010)


        Sonett V for piano and percussion (1988)

        Wandlungen I   for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1996)   433

        Wandlungen II   for flute, oboe and harp (1999)

        Wandlungen III for oboe, cello and harp  (1998)

        Elegie for oboe, viola and harp (2001)

        Zwei Präludien and Gesänge for violin, clarinet and guitar 2007   433
        version for flute, guitar and violoncello 433

        Pianotrio I (2001)        (VNM)

        Pianotrio II (2001)

        Music for string trio (2018)    VNM

        Ekloge - for 3 percussionists (2019)


        Segmente for string quartet (1985)

        Sonett II for flute, viola, contrabass and percussion (1986/2021)
        Sonett XI  for clarinet, violin, cello and piano   (1997)        

        2 Märsche und Choral  for horn quartett (2000)

        Schatten der Nacht for saxophone quartett (2001)    FHM
        version for string quartet / for wind quartet

        Quattro balli sorteggiati for oboe oder clarinet, bassoon or cello,

        viola, and guitar or piano (2002)  433

        Mantra for four percussionists (2005)

        bhava-asaṁbhava for percussion quartet (2019)

        5 Madrigals for string quintet (2009)   FHM

        Ricercar for string quintet and harp ad libit. (2021)
        Little Suite for harp and brass quintet (2009)    433

        5 pieces for septet (fl., ob., cr., hp., vla., vc., cb.) (2019)

        Chamber Concerto for double quintett (2007)

        Sonett III for double quartet, piano and marimba (1984/2020)

        Chamber Music (vokal)

       SATYREN  for voice and 6 instruments 

        after Catull/Katzenstein (1995)

        Näckens Sånger  -  for voice and violin,
        after nordic mythology (1995)

        The Phoenix and Turtle - recital for alto, oboe, cello, trombone and

        harpsichord  after William Shakespeare (1995)

       Ingen Människas Stjärnor for voice,violin and guitar

        after Göran Sonnevi (2002)
        Munch – Paraphrasen for alto, fl., vl., vc., pno., perc.
        after poetry by Edvard Munch (2003)

        In einem Licht - three sacred songs for 5 voices

        Vokalise for vocal sextet

        ... zu unsern Zeiten... (after Heinrich Schütz) for ensemble

        Stage Works


        Die Heirat from B. Martinu – new orchestration (1988)    B&H
        Bianca - chamber opera after Oscar Wilde(1989)    VNM
        Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch

        fairy tale opera after Michael Ende   (1994)    VNM


        Ikarus – 7 szenes for dancers (1985)
        Mozartiana - ballet  (1988)
        Die Heilige - ballett  (2006)

                Chamber Music for Stage

        Unnennbar Es blinkt ein einsam Segel - after Jochen Berg 
        for soprano, actor,  piano and tape (1988)
        Bis ein anderer kommt ... for soprano, tenor, dancer and

        chamber orchestra (1992)

        A lover's tale  - stage recital for narrator, soprano, tenor and

        four Instruments   after William Shakespeare (1996)

                Stage Music for Plays

        stage music for Shakespeare‘s A Midsummer Night‘s Dream (1997) 

        stage music for Kassandra after Christa Wolf (1997)



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              www.hofmeister-musikverlag.com , Tel.: +49(0)341 – 96 00 750

               VNM  -  Verlag Neue Musik Berlin
               www.verlag-neue-musik.de, Tel.: +49(0)30 –61 69 810

               befoco   -  befoco verlag
               www.befoco.de, Tel.: +49(0)34205 – 87 46 11


               433 - Verlag vierdreiunddreissig

               www.verlag433.de , Tel.: +49(0)89 - 272 39 68

               B&H – Boosey & Hawkes, Lützowufer 26, 10787 Berlin,

               www.boosey.com, Tel.: +49(0)30 – 2500 1300


             DZzM  -  Dresdner Zentrum für zeitgenössische Musik

               Internationales Zentrum der Künste Hellerau   
               http://www.hellerau.org/hellerau  Tel.: 0351 – 26462 19

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